You are a dentist, that is your genius and that is what you are trained to do. Moreover you are a provider, therefore you must make enough money to live a great lifestyle, get out of debt and prepare for retirement. To achieve these objectives you, like all successful people, must accept that you cannot do it all. You must look to a coach for input, evaluate his recommendations, and have the humility to act on what applies to your situation. Choosing the right coach is a big decision. He and his program must be credible, practical, and personal:
  1. Credible: The coach you work with must be trustworthy and possess the expertise needed to help you succeed and prosper. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, and a PhD in Psychology, Dr. Naccarato has coached dentists for 24 years, has 47,000 hours of one-on-one coaching experience, and personally builds seventy-eight practices per week.

  2. Practical: The program you choose cannot be based on theoretical ideals. It cannot include speculation, hype, or quick fix gimmicks. Everything in this program is straight forward and promotes the dignity of your profession. All procedures are taught in a practical, easy to follow, step by step format that has been proven to work.

  3. Personal: Contrary to popular ideology there is no such thing as "one approach fits all". The only success strategy we can prove that really works to bring you lasting success and prosperity is the approach we customize to fit you. This program will honor, focus, and capitalize on your uniqueness.
Many of us assume that to prosper, excellence in our field is all we need. Not true. If it were, we would not have so many outstanding practitioners who struggle financially. The good news is that this is completely unnecessary. With the right coach you can make enough money to live a great lifestyle, get out of debt and prepare for retirement.

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